Sponsor a Patient

The LACC Sponsor a Patient Program was created to offer financial assistance to local Cape Cod residents & patients in need of treatment regarding their Lyme Disease symptoms. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the LACC team is able to help dozens of Cape Cod Lyme Disease sufferers each year. Sadly, hundreds more sufferers are still in need of help.

Your treatment donation today will directly help a neighbor with managing their Lyme Disease symptoms and provide them with the treatments they need to help them live normal and productive lives.

Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod & their Biocharger treatments have given me my strength, my ambition, and my life back. I can’t say enough about the Biocharger. I highly recommend it.
— John S. of Cape Cod
In 2016, I had my first appointment with Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod. I had no idea this place would change my life. Everyone associated with this center puts their hearts into everything they do. And as a patient, that truly becomes an unbelievable gift. The encouragement, hope, compassion, empathy, and positive thinking I received was healing in itself.

Four years ago, I was wheeled into the center. Every breath I took not only exhausted me, but at times I felt like it was my last. I couldn’t hold my head up, my pain was intense, and sleeping was nearly impossible. My complexion was gray, hair was falling out, and that’s just the beginning. It’s now the summer of 2019, and I can honestly say that my Lyme symptoms are basically gone. I’m forever thankful and now hopeful for my future. I don’t want to imagine my life without LACC.
— Kate C. of Cape Cod