Our Mission

  • Reduce the incidence of Lyme and Tick borne illnesses on Cape Cod and the Islands, through education on prevention, early detection and treatment

  • Provide Lyme patients with the latest information on treatment options and resources including integrative approaches to treating Lyme disease

  • Provide Lyme patients with support services and advocacy

  • Provide treatment subsidies to Lyme patients with financial hardships

Recent Accomplishments

  • Provided Lyme disease education and prevention materials to the Cape Cod community, including physicians’ offices

  • Provided advocacy to approximately 5,000 Lyme patients since Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod was founded in 2007

  • Opened Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod wellness center in 2015

  • Participated in Ribbons Across America hanging over 10,000 ribbons over Cape Cod

  • Broadcasted on Radio and TV advocating the dangers and prevention of Lyme disease

  • Advocated and participated in National Lyme Conferences

  • Added integrative services to the Entire Health and Wellness Center/Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod offerings specifically tailored for people with Lyme disease

  • Held first local conference/retreat on Lyme education and treatment

  • Donated $30,000 in services to Lyme patients

  • Installed Lyme disease awareness and prevention signs blog hiking trails and golf courses on Cape Cod

Board of Directors

Ron Gangemi President

Theresa Symonds Clerk & Treasurer

Bethany Wing

Deb Cubillos Director

Dr. Thomas LaCava Director

Dr. Sean Foss Director

Shawn Brummerloh